lack of.

Health is the lack of disease.

Peace is found in the lack of noise.

Happiness comes from the lack of desire to pursue it.


It’s important to understand that trauma occurs when the inciting private event is met with public shame and outcry, direct or indirect.  Similarly, our self-inflicted shame transforms our benign actions into vile sins worthy of trauma.  We can’t change the vehemence of society’s sentiment, but we have complete agency over how we see ourselves and whether we are worthy of compassion or shame.


A great reminder to combat the pervading sense of unhappiness that hijacks our consciousness is to shift focus away from the self.  Tunnel-vision self-interest is a highway route to unhappiness.  Fulfillment, I’m learning, comes from a wider meaning that can not be sustained by an indulgence of self-interest.

Self-interest is great up until self-preservation, which most of us are privileged with, but everything after this is tangled in diminishing returns.

dont hold your breath.

Your dreams are lofty, why not chase them.

Your goals are in the distance, sure, you can find them.

Your expectations are high, you can try to catch them.

But don’t hold your breath.

Keep breathing, in and out.

Take a huge breath in and rejuvenate the depths of your soul.

Exhale and rejoice in the mystical cycle you are a part of.

You are in the now, the greatest time ever.