for what?

Will this help me?

Or will I escape into momentary bliss only to fall straight into shame afterwards?

I’ve tried the latter many times before. Maybe it’s time for a change.



Travel moves us deeply because it unwittingly shocks our body and mind with unfamiliar landscapes to give us new perspective.  The same can be achieved through new eyes.  Those wearied streets and familiar faces at home hold tremendous capacity for renewed perspective if we intentionally choose to re-move old habits and to move within.


Anger is a tool we choose to communicate with.

We choose it when we our need to be understood feels more important than my respect for you.

We choose it because we don’t trust you will believe us any other way.

It’s a choice that doesn’t have to be made.

objective beauty.

Objective beauty consists of the rules set by general consensus.

Subjective beauty is ruled by inner resonance with your heart.

The former is ready for packaging, marketable, easy to follow but somehow misses the mark.

The latter is difficult to define, defies logical reasoning, troublesome to validate but fits perfectly when you see it.


What matters most at the end of life is the same as any other time, only magnified, with the drowning of old distractions.  What matters most is still connection, the feeling that one’s voice is heard, knowing that one has inherent value, that choice is always within total reign, that one has control is let go of white knuckles.