You kinda just figure it out…

…with everything that you do.  And if you don’t…you will…eventually.

Because the mistakes you make are receipts of the payments you’ve made.  Some lessons are delivered by courier express mail while others by ocean freight cargo trudging along the heavy waves.

So don’t fret over it.  The lessons may not arrive within the expected delivery date, but they will…eventually.


Life isn’t that complicated

The reason it seems complicated is because we constantly compare ourselves to others who are at different stages of the same path.  Of course, there will be others who seem further along or behind us as we move through our path.  The thing is, we can only see from our own vantage point.  Thus, we don’t know what we don’t know.  We are in the exact position we are supposed to be, perfectly imperfect at this moment in time.  There’s no sense kicking and screaming trying to force our way into something that is out of reach.  The best thing we can do is put one foot in front of the other as perfectly as we can, and the rest will take care of itself.  Simple.


Comfort vs discomfort

The astute leader understands the value of comfort and discomfort.

Comfort opens us to invite trust and bond to a common vision.  Discomfort challenges us to push past our fears to make the change we seek to make.

All comfort and no discomfort creates the perfect plan without any execution.  All discomfort without comfort is reckless execution without a plan or reflection.

The wise leader utilizes both comfort and discomfort depending on the team’s needs.  The sensible leader knows to combine both comfort and discomfort for synergistic results.

The scared kid cries

No matter the occasion, the scared kid in you will always be there warning you of things to be afraid of.  No matter how many times you’ve done it before, the scared kid will remind you of all his doubts and all the ways things can go wrong.

It’s not the kid’s fault though.  She’s just looking out for you and casting doubt is her way of coping.

But there comes a point when you’ve played the game so many times that you learn how to call the scared kid’s bluff.  There comes a point where you start to say, “hey, I’ve seen the scared kid before, and I know we’ll be ok.”  There comes a point where you learn to recognize his tell and know its unwarranted because you’ve done it a million times before, and this time is no different.

You console the scared child and thank her for caring enough to stop by.  But just like last time, you’ll disregard her antics, and things will be alright.  The world will not end, and nobody will die.  And you’ll be ready for the next time when the scared kid cries.

Generosity Scales

There’s nothing quite like being touched by the light of generosity.  It’s authentic, it’s electric and it’s contagious.

There’s no hidden fees or conditions attached to it.  There’s no expectation for anything in return.

And like a viral video on social media, we can’t help but share it.  Except with generosity, what we share is a piece of ourselves.  Each time we are generous with our time we create a community that is safe to do the same.  Each time we are generous with our attention we tell the other person, “we cared enough to think about you because you matter.”

And there’s no greater gift that I know.  There’s no greater inspiration to keep the tradition going.  Because generosity still scales.  Because people are still in demand.  And relationships are still valued.  And we still matter.


Bold curiosity

Do you think I can do this?

Let’s see.


Will this be too hard for me?

I guess we’ll find out.


Do I have enough time for this?

Won’t know until I try.


Am I overloading myself?

Sign me up.


Both failure and success find themselves on the side of bold curiosity.  On the other side lies only failure.  And it’s not the good kind of failure.  It’s not the failure that turns into success because we can learn from it.  It’s the type of failure that bleeds guilt into a hollow heart, waiting for the day that it took action.


I suggest you pick the right side.

Bring it on

When tragedy bleeds onto the tranquil painting of our minds,

Bring it on.

When the stealthy pounce on my unsuspecting fortress,

Bring it on.

When acidity corrodes the innocent taste in my mouth,

Bring it on.

When the unrelenting strikes from behind the moon’s shadow,

Bring it on.

You caught me off guard again.

But its nothing I haven’t dealt with before.

Like the last time I cast you into the shadows.

Bring it on, and more.